Truly Unlimited SIM

We have put together a SIM only deal with O2, that will let you use your device all day long, watching your favourite TV shows or getting you through a full day of Zoom meetings. Whether you are on the go travelling or stuck at home, working or simply relaxing, exercising, binge watching your favourite Netflix show or anything else, our unlimited SIM has you covered.









Free setup fees for new contracts & number migrations.

Looking for the hidden small print? The secret data cap? No need to dig in hidden pages, click here to see our fair usage policy.

You can check the O2 network coverage here.

If the O2 network coverage is poor in your area then we have other providers that we can use. Complete this form with your details and please include which is the best network for you. We will get back to you with information and costs.

Are you interested in switching over to our Unlimited SIM but are locked into your current contract?

Use the button below to set a reminder and we will contact you once your current contract is about to finish so that you don’t miss out on our Truly Unlimited SIM.

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    Truly Free

    We allow our customers to feel free, with unlimited everything so that you can use your phone all day long and with a 30 day rolling contract you are not locked into a long term contract.

    No Secrets

    As with any unlimited data contracts, there is a fair usage policy in place with limits in place in order to ensure no one miss uses or takes advantage of the unlimited data like for example using to replace a conventional broadband connection.

    EU Roaming

    Going on holiday? Good news. We cover roaming in our Europe Zone as part of our tariffs. So your data, minutes and text allowances will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home.

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