What are Call Groups?

A Call Group enables a group of phones to be rung all at the same time from a single telephone number. Within your portal the ‘Call Groups’ page lists all the call groups set up for the account. In order to add a new call group click on Add New Group in the top right corner. Once having clicked on either a Call Group or adding a new Call Group you will see the Call Group Configuration window. From this window you can set up the following:

Name – This is the name of your Call Group. The Call Group will always appear by this name.

Ring Type – There are two options for this. Ring All rings all the phone in the group at the same time. Round Robin rings one phone at a time and if that phone does not answer or is busy it rings the next phone instead and so on.

Ring Time – This sets the amount of time that the phones ring for before falling over.

Caller ID Prefix – This displays text before your telephone number for your Caller ID (e.g. CompanyName01234567890).

Music On Hold – This sets which music to play when a caller is on hold.

Fallover Location – This sets the next location for the call to route to if the call is not answered within the Ring Time.

Members – This shows the Seats that are in the group. In this section, you can set the time periods that you want each phone to ring in and you can also set a delay for any of the phones to start ringing.

Add Member – This allows you to add the required Seats into the Group. Once added they will appear under Members.