Frequently Asked Questions

When your Auto Mate device arrives, it’s simple to set up your account and register your devices.

Check out our handy Getting Started guide [PDF: 222KB] to start using Auto Mate.

Auto Mate has a powerful reporting suite that can save you time with automated reports. It gives you easy access to all manner of information such as vehicle efficiency, mileage and route summaries, driver scores and more.

Our Guide to Auto Mate reports [PDF: 213KB]  shows you how.

With Auto Mate, you’ll know where your vehicles are 24/7. You’ll be able to check your vehicles are where they’re meant to be, and keep your customers informed with up-to-the-minute location telematics.

See our Guide to Auto Mate vehicle tracking [PDF: 54KB]  to learn more.

Auto Mate can reduce vehicle off road time and save you money by flagging up faults in your vehicle before they become a problem.

Our Guide to vehicle health alerts and geo fences [PDF: 186KB] shows you how to set them up.

Geo-fences are virtual boundaries which can be set up to notify you when your vehicles enter or leave specific locations. They can be used to show drivers have completed specific trips, act as proof of delivery, or ensure drivers aren’t going to places where you don’t want them to go.

Our Guide to vehicle health alerts and geo fences [PDF: 186KB] shows you how to set them up.

Poor driver behaviour can cause accidents and cost you thousands through excessive fuel use, insurance, and increased wear and tear. You can improve driver behaviour by rewarding those with the highest driver scores, or those who have shown most improvement.

Our Guide to driver behaviour scores [PDF: 195KB] gives you more information

Fleet telematics gathers a range of vehicle data using GPS and is chosen by many SMEs to optimise route planning, manage driver behaviour, reduce fuel costs and monitor vehicle health.