Using your Deskphone on 3CX

  1. Dial the number on the keypad and hit the send or enter button.
  2. OR select a contact or extension from your Web Client or a number from a web page, hit call.
  3. The Web Client triggers the call on your deskphone if selected via the phone selector toggle.

Easily transfer a calls using your deskphone

To transfer a call:

  • For blind transfer: Press “Transfer”, dial the extension, press send/dial and hang up.

  • Attended transfer Yealink: Press “Transfer”, dial number or select extension, press “Send”, announce the caller, press “Transfer” and hang up.

  • Attended transfer Snom: Press the “Hold” button and dial the extension you want to transfer to. Announce the call and press “Transfer” followed by send/dial and hang up.

    Deskphone - Make Call