SonicWALL Configuration

Dell SonicWALL security solutions enable organizations to secure their network, systems, users and data without compromising network performance.


  1. Go to Firewall > SIP
  2. Under general settings:
  3. Disable consistent NAT
  4. Under SIP settings:
  5. Enable SIP transformations
  6. SIP Signalling inactivity timeout (seconds): 60
  7. SIP Media inactivity timeout (seconds): 60
  8. Additional SIP Signalling port (optional): 5065


  1.   Go to the Firewall > Access Rules page, and under View Style click All Rules.
  2.   Click Add at the bottom of the Access Rules table. The Add Rule window is displayed.
  3.   In the General tab, select Allow from the Action list to permit traffic.
  4.   Select SIP from the Service menu.
  5.   Select the source and destination interfaces from the Source and Destination menus. You can optionally specify an IP address range for each interface in the Address Range Begin and Address Range End fields.
  6.   Enter any comments to help identify the access rule in the Comments field.
  7.   Click the Bandwidth tab.
  8.   Select Bandwidth Management, and enter the Guaranteed Bandwidth in Kbps.
  9.   Enter the maximum amount of bandwidth available to the Rule at any time in the Maximum
    Bandwidth field.
  10.   Step 10 Assign a priority from 0 (highest) to 7 (lowest) in the Bandwidth Priority list. For
    higher VoIP call quality, ensure VoIP traffic receives HIGH priority.