Gigaset DECT Handsets – How To Call Transfer

Gigaset DECT Handset User Guide

IP DECT Handsets for use with Gigaset N300 or N510 IP Base Stations are:

  • Gigaset A510 DECT Handset
  • Gigaset S650H DECT Handset Pro
  • Gigaset R650H DECT Handset Pro
  • Gigaset CL750A GO – Sculpture DECT Handset
  • Gigaset SL450A DECT Handset
  • Gigaset S850A DECT Handset
How to Call Transfer
  1. To successfully transfer a call to another extension, either press the R key or Ext Call soft key to place the call on hold.
  2. Enter the telephone number of the person you wish to transfer the call to and wait for it to start ringing.
    1. Blind transfer – If you wish to perform a blind transfer (i.e. you don’t tell the person you are transferring the call to who is on the line) then simply hang up at this point.
    2. Attended transfer – If you wish to perform an attended transfer (i.e. where you tell the person who is on the line and check that they want to take the call) then wait for the other person to answer. If they wish to take the call simply hang up, however, if they don’t wish to take the call click the End active call option which will be displayed on the phone. The caller will be connected to you once again.