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Telecom solutions for all your business needs.

Key Products and Services:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Co-location services.
  • Hosted Telephony suite including SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX and Hybrid solutions.
  • Broadband services from our network.
  • Layer2 Ethernet services.
  • Mobile Unlimited SIM
  • Mobile Network Coverage
  • Virtual ISP with L2TP Hand-of
  • Analogue WLR and Legacy PSTN lines (MPF and SMPF)
  • Network and Telephony Hardware including all the hardware we recommend for optimal service.

About us

At Blucom we provide all aspects of telecommunication services such as hosted VoIP and broadband packages, technical support and leased lines to businesses. We have now been trading for over 10 years and have many happy customers as we have provided them with a solution that works for them and their needs.
Having been established since 2010, we believe that our ability to reliably deliver the right solutions for your needs is a major benefit to our customers. Although we work with different suppliers, we are impartial and will always make sure our customer comes first. In addition, our focus on total customer satisfaction means that you will be dealing with a company dedicated to providing the very highest standard of work. This is part of the reason as to how we establish our long lasting relationships with our customers. It also bears testimony to how highly we value our customers. We like to have happy customers who are satisfied with the service that is provided and will go on to recommend us to others.

Why choose us?

Trusted by Businesses

Over the years we have worked closely with our customers, keeping a close contact. We don’t use third party contractors.

Committed to Quality

At Blucom we focus on quality, our team is trained to listen to customers queries and to deliver on all aspects of the job.

24/7 Support Available

Sometimes tech can stop working whether it is caused by a conflicting update or faulty hardware we are always a phone call away.